4 December 2013


Convert more sales - from even more loyal customers When your checkout is easy to use:
1. less visitors get frustrated and leave before paying
2. more visitors who start out thinking "maybe", end up clicking ‘buy’
3. people keep coming back for more AND tell their friends about you too
4. you spend less time and money fixing customer problems.
5 simple ways to make your web checkout people-friendly
A lot of research has been done to find out what makes a good web checkout. Here’s what online shoppers say:
Make it quick The fewer clicks the better. Ask customers for the minimum information you need and only ask once. Offer a “Save for later” option so they can come back and finish another time.

Avoid surprises Half way through checkout, don’t tell your customers they need to create an account to continue. And don’t try to sell them something extra or better.

Provide information at every step From the start of checkout, all the way to the end, show the cost including tax and delivery charges. And provide details on your delivery and payment options.

Be clear and detailed Give customers all the details they need during checkout and when you confirm their payment – including delivery charges, returns policy, how to contact customer service, etc.

Instil trust People are more likely to buy if they know their personal and financial information is secure. So display a trusted payment option on your homepage and through checkout.

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