18 October 2013


So many of the Web’s most popular services—e-mail and search as well as photo and video sharing may be free, but that doesn’t mean they come without a cost. That price is information about the people using those services as well as their online behavior intelligence that Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other Internet companies exchange for advertising revenue. The trade-off of privacy for free services is generally acceptable to most Web users, who are used to incessant advertising and at times even benefit from personalized attempts to sell them products and services. 

There are tools available to Web users designed to protect personal information from prying eyes. None of these tools alone ensures complete privacy or protection from cyber snooping, but they do offer a way to trim the data trails that curtail one’s privacy. 

E-mail, social networks and other online services often request contact and payment information when users sign up. There are no rules, however, that prevent users from disguising their actual e-mail addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers as a privacy precaution. Abine, Inc., offers a Web browser plug-in for Firefox and Google Chrome called MaskMe that gives people the ability to create aliases for this type of personal information. The renowned company that is known to bring out effective applications takes pride in its rich experience in this area of app development. The portfolio of the resourceful company unveils effective applications that have been developed for clients falling under various sectors, and applications that have been created to meet the varied needs of end users. 

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