18 October 2013


IBM has announced it intends to buy Trusteer, a security and fraud protection company based in Isreal, and the company plans to build a cybersecurity software lab there as well. 

Cloud Security 
With rumors swirling the deal is in the US$ 1 billion range, this represents an enormous investment in cloud based security software, and specifically, in mobile, application, malware, counter fraud, financial crimes and advanced threat security. Trusteer apparently has the abiltiy to identify security threats that other systems tend to miss, according to an IBM statement, and seven of the top 10 US banks use its software to secure customer accounts. That Trusteer offers a Saas model for securiy delivery, it should be able to provide PC, desktop, smartphone and tablet security updates in as close to real time as possible. Yoga is a path that assists people in knowing their internal power which is universal truth. Yoga is a resource for the understanding and spreading of this sacred science. The word Yoga comes from Indian philosophy, it literally means union, and in this context refers to the union of the soul of individual with the universal. 

That capability includes counter fraud and advanced persistent threat protection against malware and phishing attacks that target financial systems and endpoint users' personal information. 

Mobile Transaction Protection 
It's likely there's never been a more opportune time to give mobile device users more protection as smartphones are set to outsell PCs in 2013. More devices means more mobile access to banking information, and that only means more temptation to those seeking to exploit those systems. Since 2011, the number of top 25 financial institutions that offer mobile person to person transfers and mobile remote deposit capabilities has more than doubled, and that likely means many tens of millions of dollars changing hands via mobile. Trusteer's technology is said to include account takeover protection, compromised device detection, complex device fingerprinting and a global fraudster database. 

Security is always a high priority with enterprise businesses, and financial institutions had for many years avoided getting into mobile for that very reason. However, customer demand has indeed prompted many to begin that journey, and IBM has no doubt been watching this trend for just the right opportunity. It seems to have found it. 

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