1 April 2014


It is very important that your website design is user friendly. This article will outline some usability flaws that I notice on many websites I visit. It is important that you understand these myths before you go and see your website designer. 

How much does your Product cost?

If you are selling your product online, make sure that users can easily find the price of your products on the website. The website design should be developed in a way that shares that information easily with your customers.

Visitors of your website have a different motive when they come to your website. There will be visitors who come to your website as a window shopper and if they find something they think is useful for them at an acceptable price, they will make a note of it and come back later. These visitors will not spend a lot of time on your website as it is not their immediate need. You have to realise that on Internet, it is very easy for users to go to other website. In the physical world, they have to travel a bit to go to another shop. However on the internet your competitor is only a click away. Even though they are window shoppers you still want to keep them interested in your website design for future business.

As a Website designer, I always tell my customers that every one works on a budget and your website should very quickly inform them if you have products that match their budget.

The only time you will not publish your price on the website is when you are providing customised service solutions. Even in those website designs you should provide information like Value for Money to point to the visitor is that your solution provides the best value for their buck. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.\

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