1 April 2014


There are millions of mails being transferred everyday internally through the organisations. Many of such organisations are following some procedures in handling such mails. Application developers have proposed and working on an application to develop an integrated application to handle all the transaction and communications for employers and employees.

Here are criterion for a business application which should consist of following infrastructure

Basic amenities -

Integrated mailbox- 
of course, many of the applications now come with the market with intelligent mailbox which prioritizes the strength of the mail. The mailbox are designed such it is integrated and should be able to segregate the top priority mails.

Note making- 
there are many simple note making apps in market. But there is a need of dynamic notepads which auto corrects, indexing and self attach with the storage application. There are apps which provide default frame for note making.

Cloud storage- 
This is the basis of current trend. Many business apps include this function. There are many features which automatically saves the in-bound and outgoing documents into the storage provided by Google drive and One Drive. Many office apps provide cloud storage indigenously.

Staying connected with Social networks- 
many employees want to be tech savvy. They prefer to keep touch with their colleagues through social messaging apps. To make them efficient, they could be included in the existing business apps to directly import the office contacts and redirect the mails through the messenger.

Slide presentation-
It has been there for more than a decade. But it should be more scrutinized for the mobile platform. As many workers tend to prepare their slides and share it through mobile, feature is getting redefined more for mobile. 

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