8 January 2013


If you want to inject new life into your email marketing list, use these strategies. The will help you increase your opt ins so you have more targeted list members to connect with.
Use an email opt in box on Facebook

If you are building a presence on this popular social media site, you will want to bring those fans to your email list. Custom Facebook opt in boxes make it simple for you to convert those fans into loyal email marketing list members. Make sure to advertise your newsletter in Facebook updates as well to attract new list members.
Use “share with your network” buttons

People are more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend, so it is important to encourage your current email marketing list members to share your list. Share with your network buttons that are integrated into your email marketing messages help your list members easily share your content and newsletter with their social network contacts.
Display your content on social media

There is no better way to attract new subscribers than to show them what you have in store for them once they become subscribers. Display your email marketing content on social media by linking to an HTML version of your newsletter. Once your social media followers see what they are getting from your email list, they will be more likely to opt in.
Remind your blog visitors about subscribing to your email list.
If you are creating regular blog posts for your readers, you have a perfect opportunity to promote your email list. Make sure that your blog displays a sidebar that has an opt in box for your email list. When your visitors are reading your incredible blog posts they’ll be enticed to get more via email automatically.
Look for guest posting opportunities.
Introduce your business, and your email marketing list, to a wider audience with guest posting. Find blogs that deal with topics that are close to the interests of your target market and ask if you can contribute a guest post. You are more likely to get a great response if you have a specific topic in mind. Read through their old blog posts so you can be sure you are not repeating what they’ve recently posted.
Include testimonials on your opt in page.

If you are using a squeeze page to encourage opt ins, reduce resistance by displaying testimonials. Get specific feedback from your list members and clients that speak to the quality of your content and the nature of your list. Email marketing list building is an ongoing process. Add one or a few of these techniques to your regular marketing practices in order to increase your list numbers.

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