10 February 2014


Itech solution is redesigning the website for the Department of Stamps and Registrations, Government of Karnataka. 

This being the first Government project for Itech, is a prestigious one. Among several vendors, Itech was selected for its best quality technology offering at a cost effective price. This portal for the Stamps and Registration Department, which is the third highest revenue generating department for the Government of Karnataka, is expected to generate lot of visibility and goodwill for Itech solutions. 

DSR Admin can login to the Admin Page using the username and password. The Admin page will have options to create, edit and delete the dynamic content of the site (Images, Text and Forms). 

It includes reports, statistics to view the details related to the DSR and also have search to view the details related to the DSR. The roles provided are Super admin and admin and this development is going to be in Dot Net technology. The whole website will be done using "Responsive Web Design" using latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. 

Website is being developed in both Kannada and English, Kannada being the default language. The UI will be designed to be user friendly so that citizens can easily find what they are looking for. Various important documents, forms and guidelines are available for Download from the Website. 

Google Maps will be implemented for all the Sub Registrar offices. The address will be linked to latitude and longitude of the particular Office so that the user can locate the Sub Registrar office nearest to his location. 

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