10 February 2014


The Enterprise Resource Planning software authorizes business management in an organization. It has the benefit of integrating the different operations of a company to successful running of a business.

ERP comes in different modules to suit the specific needs of the company, irrespective of its size whether small or medium or large scale industry. The main aim of this software is to integrate all the modules and to provide a centralized and unified repository for all the details that can be shared by all the departments for quick and smooth functioning of the company.

The Enterprise Resource Planning is also used for tracking a customer order from right one when order comes in date of delivery. The whole process can be tracked with clarity. ERP process can be standardized the different process and to accelerate the manufacturing & automated functions. It also improves the productivity of the enterprise.

It is a software package which is developed for optimum use of resources of an enterprise in a planned manner. This software enables the enterprise to increase the productivity by decreasing the costs.

Prominent Features of Enterprise Resource Planning: It has a central database shared by all functions of the enterprise.
The enterprise resource planning is the information backbone of the company.
The information is transparent and it has automatic and consistent work flow from one department to another.
With this one can easily track the inventory, revenue as well as forecasting of sales and related activities. 
It serves as the central nervous system termed as the digital nervous system of the company.
In manufacturing sector it was primarily to know about the stock of finished goods and to understand the movement of the material.
The Enterprise resource planning is built as open system architecture that allows automatic introduction of the latest technologies such as EFT, EDI, internet, intranet, video conferring, ecommerce etc. it is good solution for better project management.

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