1 April 2014


What to Wear When You Have to Dress Professionally 

What You See is What You Get... Or Is It?
You would think someone being interviewed on television would dress professionally, but unfortunately not everyone knows to do this. The host of a television show about my local job market was interviewing two women — one the chief economist of a regional business association and the other a newspaper journalist who reports on international business. The chief economist was dressed in a business suit and her hair was neatly combed. She sat up straight and looked at either the host or camera when answering questions. The journalist, by stark contrast, was dressed casually in slacks and shirt. Her hair looked wet, as if she had just gotten out of the shower or pool. She slouched in her chair and looked at her lap a lot of the time. Both women were very knowledgeable and had a lot of useful information to convey to the audience. However, I had more faith in what the economist had to say than I did in what the reporter said. Why? The way they carried themselves.

Maybe the current trend toward casual dress at work has made people more lax about what they wear. In addition, many people work from home where there are no rules regarding dress. As a remote worker, I can tell you that I don't give much thought to what I wear while working at home. While I don't work in a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, unless of course I'm working at 1 a.m., if it's good enough for the supermarket or picking up my daughter at school, I can wear it to sit in front of my computer. When I give a presentation, though, it's a whole different story. I try to look my professional best, in a skirt, blouse, jacket, and dress shoes. I make sure my hair and makeup are neatly done. In other words, I dress for success. Why You Must Dress Professionally for Certain Situations Maybe it's unjust to judge a book by it's cover, but we all do it. It's human nature. While the person in jeans may be as competent and as intelligent as the one wearing the formal suit, or more so, we do assess these attributes based on appearance. That's not to say you can forget about preparing for a presentation, put on a nice suit, and you'll wow 'em. All the ingredients -- knowledge, preparation, and appearance — are necessary to make a good impression.

When you work at home or in an office where casual attire is the norm, it's difficult to get out of that role and into the role of the professional in front of the audience or in front of a television camera. But, if you want to make a good impression, it's worth the effort. Here's what you need to do.

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Mobile phone tracking is a system that works to track the current position of a cell phone no matter where the owner is located. This technology allows a phone's location to be uploaded to a website where friends and family members get to view the person's last reported position. The tracking of anyone, anywhere through his or her mobile phone is made even easier and practical with free mobile phone tracking systems.

In order to locate or track a phone by using this tracking system, it must emit a roaming signal that can be detected by a nearby tower which has a communication antenna. GSM localization which uses multi-lateration that is based on the strength of the phone signal will then determine the location of the cell phone to locate the user. Location based services that use mobile positioning will disclose the exact coordinates of the user.

An advanced free mobile phone tracking system allows for a more accurate location in which the mobile phone is present and is able to produce an estimate distance to the base station. Approximation by interpolating signals that travel between the two antenna towers will then give a much accurate location. In urban areas, mobile phone tracking services can reach close to 50 meters as the mobile traffic and density of antenna towers are very high. However, mobile phones that are located in rural regions that are far from base stations will not be precisely located through the service.

The use of latest mobile phones is more easily located by mobile phone tracking systems as they contain inbuilt phone tracker system which emits signals even when they are not in active calls. Estimation of the location of the mobile phone and its user is easy through comparison of relative signals and their strength from various antenna towers. With the help of roaming procedures, the location is estimated in a matter of seconds.

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We are very happy to announce that Fractalia has entered into a strategic partnership with Itech solutions, to be the Distributor for all their Products in India and South Asian Regions.

Fractalia is a company specialized in Digital Signage, with more than 10 years of experience in the field and with its own software solution. Fractalia Media is the platform developed to make Digital Signage simple and effective when a network of displays needs to be managed from a central location. The complete Fractalia Media Solution includes Hardware, Software and Services. Displays and Players are installed at the stores and a hosted server license is also included. Connectivity needs to be provided so that the players have access to the internet. The content management application can be accessed using a PC connected to the internet.

This win-win partnership for both Itech and Fractalia is a great opportunity to bring a successful product - service combination to the growing Indian market.

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It is very important that your website design is user friendly. This article will outline some usability flaws that I notice on many websites I visit. It is important that you understand these myths before you go and see your website designer. 

How much does your Product cost?

If you are selling your product online, make sure that users can easily find the price of your products on the website. The website design should be developed in a way that shares that information easily with your customers.

Visitors of your website have a different motive when they come to your website. There will be visitors who come to your website as a window shopper and if they find something they think is useful for them at an acceptable price, they will make a note of it and come back later. These visitors will not spend a lot of time on your website as it is not their immediate need. You have to realise that on Internet, it is very easy for users to go to other website. In the physical world, they have to travel a bit to go to another shop. However on the internet your competitor is only a click away. Even though they are window shoppers you still want to keep them interested in your website design for future business.

As a Website designer, I always tell my customers that every one works on a budget and your website should very quickly inform them if you have products that match their budget.

The only time you will not publish your price on the website is when you are providing customised service solutions. Even in those website designs you should provide information like Value for Money to point to the visitor is that your solution provides the best value for their buck. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.\

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There are millions of mails being transferred everyday internally through the organisations. Many of such organisations are following some procedures in handling such mails. Application developers have proposed and working on an application to develop an integrated application to handle all the transaction and communications for employers and employees.

Here are criterion for a business application which should consist of following infrastructure

Basic amenities -

Integrated mailbox- 
of course, many of the applications now come with the market with intelligent mailbox which prioritizes the strength of the mail. The mailbox are designed such it is integrated and should be able to segregate the top priority mails.

Note making- 
there are many simple note making apps in market. But there is a need of dynamic notepads which auto corrects, indexing and self attach with the storage application. There are apps which provide default frame for note making.

Cloud storage- 
This is the basis of current trend. Many business apps include this function. There are many features which automatically saves the in-bound and outgoing documents into the storage provided by Google drive and One Drive. Many office apps provide cloud storage indigenously.

Staying connected with Social networks- 
many employees want to be tech savvy. They prefer to keep touch with their colleagues through social messaging apps. To make them efficient, they could be included in the existing business apps to directly import the office contacts and redirect the mails through the messenger.

Slide presentation-
It has been there for more than a decade. But it should be more scrutinized for the mobile platform. As many workers tend to prepare their slides and share it through mobile, feature is getting redefined more for mobile.