2 September 2013


Why are some successful and others not? We should begin to look at what it is that makes some successful and others not. 3% of the population produces 97% of success. What makes these individuals so successful? 

1. In the first place they always know where they are with their activities. If we take sports as a perfect example, Barry Bonds always knows how many home runs he hit yesterday. Many businessmen, however, turns a blind eye to their current performance.

2. The successful have also always measurable goals that they have decided when they want to achieve them. In sports there are no stars that are successful without a goal. If Tiger Woods had not set himself a goal to win the Masters, he would had not reached the level he is at today, which he so well deserves. In the world of business, it is essential to set goals, but most of those who fail have no concrete goals to live up to.

3. The successful set great objectives that they know they will achieve but not how they will achieve them. The goal must be so challenging that a person must develop himself in order to achieve it. I read an article about football player Joe Namath, where it was mentioned that someone had said that he could never become a good football player. Namath wanted something different. He set his ambition to become good and ignored all the critics around him. Most less successful entrepreneurs set targets that are too small to develop them and to create real success. 

4. The successful make their own decisions. It means taking full responsibility for what you do. To get a lot of good advice is good and you can feel free to see if any of these fit into your life. But in the end, it is you that will be responsible for your life and know what is best for you (no sense telling you otherwise). Take Al Gore for example. He listens to what his surroundings say, and then makes his own decisions as to what is best for him, to get himself and his family in balance.

5. The successful are prepared to go through their fears to achieve success. Those who are afraid to pick up the phone, talk to the boss or start their own business remains stuck and will have undesirable results. However, if you dare to challenge yourself to succeed the world stands open to you. Madonna once said that she does everything she is afraid of doing. Look at the success and development it has given her. She was not afraid to take the chances, thus opening many doors that would otherwise be closed. 

6. Successful always creates an action plan to achieve their goals. The activities have been planned months or years in the future to achieve their goals. The famous Swedish downhill skiing champion, Anja Parsson said during a TV interview about how she came back after a serious injury. She had a clear plan of action that helped her back to the top again. Do you have a plan for your success? 

7. The successful plan their daily activities in advance. It is to plan the next day the night before. For example, on Sunday evening sit down and make a list for Monday with six activities that will bring you closer to your goal. The key is to focus on this and do not involve a lot of dead time in between your activities. Through the years, I have had a couple of customers who do this type of planning on a daily basis. Guess who has the most success? 

8. The successful get more done in a day than most have done in a week. They do their activities with vigor and calm, which means that they seem to have all the time in the world. Who wants to do business with someone who panics all the time? 

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