4 September 2013


Itech solutions is a fast growing web designing and developing company, now it is started to develop mobile applications for smart phones in Android. Our Android team will have good experience in designing and developing the application. 

We are new app developers. Our experience with Android app was very constructive. We evaluate android development firms that work to develop applications for the open source Android mobile operating system. Development firms work to develop code for the use of clients for distribution to a company's clients or for the general public. 

Android is the open source operating system for mobile devices (Smart phones). It plays a major role in the world wide. Android Development provides enormous options for developers to think about making applications for android devices. Our Android team will have the good knowledge on Android application development. We have many advantages in developing applications in Android like “Easy Marketing”, “Uniform Look and Feel”, “Time Consuming”, ”Less Expense”, 

We are good in develop an applications like Activity, Broadcast Receiver, Services and Content Provider. Apart from these we are also good to do applications in Web Services, Data Base, and Media Player from “SD-card” and also from “url” in Android.

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