4 September 2013


Yoga means Union. It is the merge of the individual with the universal. It is the oneness of all consciousness. People are rediscovering this. 

Yoga is a path that assists people in knowing their internal power which is universal truth. Yoga is a resource for the understanding and spreading of this sacred science. The word Yoga comes from Indian philosophy, it literally means union, and in this context refers to the union of the soul of individual with the universal. 

Yoga teacher training is the clear systematic approach that is satisfying all human beings because it allows them to help so many people improve their lives. This system of Yoga is dynamic and scientific and is based on precise alignment of the physical body to bring about harmony and balance of the body, breath, mind, and emotions. 

Its physical effects alone address the muscular, skeletal, glandular, nervous, circulatory, and respiratory systems.Become yoga instructor is designed for the instructor who wants to expand their teaching capabilities to indoor cycling. 

This program utilizes various cycling programs strengths to create a well, rounded cycle instructor who can instruct on any indoor series. It can do safe and effective cycle class design, cycling techniques for endurance, speed and strength, etc. 

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