2 September 2013


Itech Solutions is glad to announce that Blue Money Business has chosen Itech for its software development. Client has come up with a different concept to improve business and attract customers with various offers and discounts. Blue Money Harvest Scheme has 2 different plans - Gold Plan and Diamond Plan. Gold Plan is for 11 months duration. Every month, minimum of Rs 1000 has to be paid by customer as monthly installment. Customer can pay more than Rs 1000 since there is no upper limit for the monthly installment payable and it’s a variable. Maturity amount calculated after 11th month will include an interest of 9% over the total amount. Maturity amount cannot be withdrawn as cash but customer can purchase an item on Kart with 3% discount. Diamond Plan is for 21 months duration, every month minimum of Rs 1000 has to be paid by the customer. Maximum amount is not fixed and hence it can be more than Rs 1000 also. Once all the 21 installments are paid promptly, 22nd installment amount of Rs 1000 would be contributed by the company. At the end of tenure, total amount can be withdrawn as cash or the customer can purchase an item on kart with 5% discount. If the customer discontinues payment for any reason, 9% interest will not be provided, but amount deposited can be used to buy an item on kart. Timeframe for paying each EMI would be 40 days. If there is a delay in this payment, then 2% of late payment charges on the installment amount would be levied. If no payment is made within 45 days, interest benefit would be revoked, they can purchase some products on kart for the paid up amount or continue paying till maturity. Minimum of 3 months payment is mandatory after membership to avail any benefit. Membership registration includes payment of 1st EMI. Registration is free. At the time of registration, a login is created for the customer. Agents can perform membership registration. Agents are eligible to receive 5% on each new member registration. Member Registration process includes member’s passport size photo upload. This can be printed on the certificate. Membership software module enables to generate Invoice for every EMI. Certificate would be given to each member with terms and conditions applicable and is required to be signed by the concerned person. This should be printable through the software. For each and every payment, SMS and Email alerts need to be sent. All the above mentioned functionalities should be handled by the software intelligently. Itech has promised the client to complete this project within 30 days time period.

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