2 September 2013


Now it has become easy for many companies and manufacturers to pass on the value of their new products through mobile advertising method. Several ad promoters and marketing businesses are readily working on with the manufacturer for promoting their products via handsets. Unlike advertising campaign conducted through media like newspapers and television sets, marketing on mobile carries a great value and impact among the users. It becomes more personal to see the text messages about anything that hits the market. 

When millions of customers can be reached each day through website, advertising on internet was considered as the best effective methods existing on the planet. Now things have changed a lot, and many users are having Wi-Fi connection over their handsets. There are several techniques for publicizing their products. This article tells you about the different approaches that exist in the area of advertising through mobiles. 

Pay Per Click: The advertiser will have to pay for the manufacturer, only if someone touches the link and responds to the ad. This is very effective type of campaign since it is certain that if any customer who is interested in seeing the products only will have the urge to click the link, to open the website. 

Cost Per Month: You have several options like cost per hundred and cost per thousand links etc. It is enough if you pay for one thousand impressions of the advertisement instead of paying for each one. Conversion is nothing but an action plan which details the visitor of the mobile giving them the options to choose from. Impression is considered to be the measure of displaying the advertisement online. The users will get converted into "buyers" when they either sign up or register for particular. 

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