18 November 2014


Hutti Gold Mine Limited [HGML] is to establish ore body modeling of all the reefs by incorporation of the existing data, so as to define the ore shoots patterns, its reserves/ resources at the bottom and to address existence/ absence of blind ore shoots on along strike and depth of the existing ore shoots.

“CARIMINESOFT” software provides a solution to transfer number of records and reports maintained in form of Hard Copies. i.e Field Book and Registers to computerized Data (soft copy mode) in three modules,

1. DEO (Data Entry Operator) module

This module allows the Data Entry operators to enter the data as in the Field Book and Registers of HGML. The module has the option of entering the data according to British system and Indian system. The DEO can upload the image of the sample. Some of the fields are kept fixed per page, such that DEO does not have to re-enter the fixed values, enabling quick and efficient computerization.

2. QC (Quality check) module

This module allows the QC to verify the data entered by DEO through double verification method in a separate screen. Depending on the error count of each line in each page, the Book is accepted or rejected.

3. Reports module

a. Daily Report
The report generated will display the status of DEO, QC and overall daily status of the number of books completed, number of books in process, number of books rejected and pending books to be started.

b. DEO Report
The report generated will display the daily and overall DEO entry status of number of days taken to complete a book, total number of pages completed per day, number of rows completed per day, number of pages having error, number of rows having error, number of books rejected.

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