18 November 2014

Courier Process Management Software.

Speednet Couriers is one among the leading providers in the Courier Industry in Bangalore. With satellite offices spread across the city, Speednet Couriers serves a wide portfolio of satisfied customers with unrivalled ground-based service.

Although they have wide portfolio of satisfied customers, the courier process management is still done manually. The manual processing may lead to some manual errors in processing the data, delay in the delivery, which in turn create a group of unsatisfied customers. To increase their customer volume we have given a software solution “Courier Process Management Software".

To enhance their quality of service they are now adopting the new software management system called “Courier Process Management Software”. The software will provide a complete solution in managing the courier processes like tracking the courier online, updating the data manually by the user, searching for the bills or posts, Complaint section and generation of various reports. This software will ultimately speed up their activities in greater rate and increase the volume of customers with greater satisfaction.

The tracking of the courier service will provide the user to track where exactly the courier is at that instant by visiting the website of the company without any delay in contrast to the manual method which depends on the person’s availability at the courier office. The user is also provided with the option of updating the data manually. The user can also search the bills or posts by using the PID Number in order to view the cost details or any other details required by the user. The complaint section will initiate the customer to give a proper feedback regarding the service provided by the company or the inconvenience happened at a particular section of the company. This will enable the company to improve itself and provide better service to the customer. This software also generates various reports like Master Data Listing reports, Module-wise reports, MIS reports & Customized reports (as per requirement) which will assist the company to track down the activities online without being personally intervened.

Hence the Courier Process Management System (CPMS) is a complete solution provided for a courier company to improvise in terms of customer satisfaction

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