18 November 2014

What Does 2014 Hold for Enterprise Software Development?

The frequent changes in the lifestyles and changes of modern people have made web application development undergo many changes. The consumer devices and cloud computing further made it easier for users to access information and data anytime and anywhere. At the same time, new devices and operating systems also require enterprise software development to change.

So enterprise software development will be affected in 2014 by many trends. We are highlighting some of the important trends that will drive enterprise software development in 2014.

5 Trends that will Drive Enterprise Software Development in 2014

1) Growing Popularity of HTML5

The rapid growth of HTML has made many businesses realize the advantages of this technology for enterprises. In 2013, many enterprises invested in HTML5. Also, many organizations converted Flash to HTML5 to make the advertisement, banners and videos more engaging. Most enterprises will now look for more customized HTML5 applications that works across web browsers. Also, businesses will look for innovative features like advanced drawing tools, multi-media playback, offline file storage, and drag and drop. Thus, more and more business web applications will be developed with HTML5 support.

2) Gamification of Business Apps

The concept of gamification is considered to be more effective in keeping the users engaged. As the concept has been used effectively by mobile app developers, enterprises will gamify their apps to deliver rich user experience. An enterprise also has option to boost the productivity and efficiency of employees by gamifying the business environment. Once the tasks are quantified, an organization can implement the primary mechanism required to complete the tasks on time. So many organizations will build integrated systems and software applications to reenergize the workforce through gamifications.

3) Client-Side Based Web Applications

The enterprise software applications, traditionally, are developed to run on the server side. But the popularity of mobile applications has made it essential for the enterprise software to function like a native app. So, most companies will build powerful and fast applications that run on web browsers. The reduced load on the server will further make the application run faster. The growing popularity of desktop-like website and web applications will compel businesses to develop enterprise software applications that run on the client-side. The enterprises, however, will use frameworks to build complex client-side based web applications at rapid pace.

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