18 November 2014

Three Common Ways People (Unknowingly) Do To Kill Their Creativity

Being creative always puts you at an advantage. Ever-changing times and shaky economies have led to tighter competitions in all fields. Those who get and stay ahead of the game have the most inventive minds.

But creativity does not only benefit you professionally. It is also crucial to your living an enriched life. With so many benefits to offer, it is only imperative that you harness it.

Sadly, some (if not most) people do the exact opposite. Rather than work to keep their creative juices flowing, they kill it. Worse, they are not aware that they are doing it!

Are you one of them? Find out if you are running the wrong way. Check if you are guilty of doing any (or all) of these top three creativity killers:

You Stopped Learning- Attending school and graduating does not signal the end of learning. Despite living a routine life you should keep your mind active. Do something fun and creative like writing poetry, painting, etc.

Learn about new skills that you find interesting. Stock up on juicy information like the ones you find in the Top Tens app. Amusing, entertaining and informative at the same time, these info help keep your

You Stopped Being Curious-Sometimes you think you already know everything about a subject matter. Even if your knowledge hardly suffices to scrape the surface, you think you are already an expert in the field. So you decide to stop learning. Without remorse, you lay your childlike curiosity to rest.

Hardly anything catches your interest or makes you wonder anymore. You have seen everything the world has to offer.

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