18 November 2014


Profilage is an online gaming mobile application designed and developed on the platform of Android, Iphone and Windows phone. It runs on a social networking site connecting people through eLifer. This application can be accessed by the user registered to eLifer. This creates a game with the features of guessing the age, object comparison, posting the comments to a user as an advice or suggestion. The user can upload a photo from his phone of various image formats.

It is a gaming application picking the tendency of human psychology of giving free advice or suggestion or commenting on a particular object or subject being in conversation.

The application is majorly branched out into two modes
  • Premium mode
  • Non-premium mode
The application will have a Mobile interface through which the user can choose the Premium mode that will allow him to have a grade for a single picture of his face. In the other hand he can choose the Non-premium mode that will allow him to have a category for a single picture of him wearing clothes.
The other functionalities which are being implemented in this application are as follows:

  • User Registration and Login Module
  • Preference Button
  • Log Button
  • Disconnect Button.
  • Advertising button
  • Display uploaded pictures
  • Integrating with eLifer – This is required as the Profilage is ultimately connecting the users registered to eLifer.

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