18 November 2014

SEO and PPC as Drivers of Mobile Traffic

How would one get the concept for mobile marketing, allowing it to be actionable and profitable? Everyone is starting to be in the adoption curve for marketers, but it is growing steadily. It has reached a point wherein winners in their markets are to be decided.

Would one require mobile marketing stats? Here is the list: 1) Out of 6.8 billion people on the planet, 5.1 billion have a phone, as opposed to 4.2 billion that have a toothbrush.

2) It would require on average 90 minutes to respond to email and just about 90 seconds for responding to a text message. (CTIA.org 2011).

3) The percentage for mobile subscribers that have a Smartphone has gone from 31% in January 2011 increasing to 48% in January 2012 (Nielsen 2012)

4) In the 18-34 year old age group, 80% of those who acquired a phone for the past 3 months had acquired a Smartphone (Nielsen 2012).

5) 9 of 10 mobile searchers take action following a phone search (Google 2011)

6) 7 of 10 mobile searchers would enact within an hour.

7) Google has made a prediction that mobile search would go past desktop search at some point within or between 2014 and 2015.

Making an address of mobile PPC fundamentals, there have been core places spotted.

1) It would now be critical setting defined goals, such as lead generation, application download, buy now, phone call, and in-store visit.

2) Do not just assume similarities with desktop search.

3) Make an evaluation of websites and their landing pages for determination if they are mobile ready via testing on different devices plus browsers.

4) Also incorporate the mobile analytics. One should capture plus make a report on device plus browser information as well as behaviors associated with them for future assessments.

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