18 November 2014

Website and ERP Implementation for Sanctuary from Philippines

Sanctuary is a beauty care and wellness spa located in Philippines. The scope of the website designing includes the Home page, About us, Contact us, News and Events (CMS), Careers(CMS), Beauty care, Ask the expert, Wellness, Customer Benefit Program, etc.,

The website designing and development has implemented the technique of RWD – Responsive Web Design which is an extensive approach to optimize the viewing experience by making the website adaptable to mobile phones, tabs, laptops and desktop computer monitors. This project has the features of Book an Appointment which utilizes the CMS (Content Management System), making it easy to manage the content for the client without the assistance of the web developers. The Beauty Care page/link will guide you to provide the listings of services at the spa. The Ask the Expert link will connect you to the complete solution i.e provided by the spa experts regarding the queries raised by the clients/customers. The Dermatology link will guide you regarding the technology and various therapies. Wellness is another link which discusses the services of spa in concern with the well-being of the customers. The Customer Benefit Program (CBP) provides access for the customers to know details on the Loyalty Card Program; also Login is given to Registered Members to check basic details like Loyalty Points, redemption and other relevant information.

The project also includes the Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, is a type of business management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business. The different modules are Scheduling, Inventory, Payroll, Synchronization, Accounting, Reports, Loyalty, Marketing, Sales, Search, Online Shopping, CRM Functionality and Transactions. The ERP helps to synchronize the activities of all the branches of the spa. It also gives the functional support by processing the Book an appointment online feature which is on the website by scheduling an appointment for the customers by verifying the availability of resource for the service. The special feature called CBP as explained above is managed through ERP by tracking the point accumulation, redemptions. The Online Shopping and CRM (Customer Relation Management) module helps to track the online payment and payment through mobile and also functions in the direction of improvement of good customer relation through customer feed backs and suggestions.

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