18 November 2014


Parivarthana is an NGO, aimed at bringing about the betterment and social upliftment of widows, to focus attention of widowhood as a social problem and promote public action and policies in support of widows. Parivarthana was founded by Mr Nadahalli Sripada Rao with a social cause.

Parivarthana has approached Itech Solutions for designing a website to promote the activities of the organization and showcase the acheivements.

The website has successfully reflected Parivarthana’s vision, mission, and inspiration. The Media Reflection page gives information regarding the activities of Parivarthana published in News papers and Magazines. The Activities page lists all the activities carried out by Parivarthana. We have also designed a Registration form which will facilitate the applicant seeking help from the organization. Thus, increasing the popularity of Parivarthana. The Donation page has the record of all the foreign and Indian contributions made.

The website has also been integrated with language translation tool. This tool has enabled the various visitors of India to access the website in their local languages and promote the social cause of Parivarthana across India.

The website has played a key role in promoting the mission & vision of Parivarthana and also in attracting more number of sponsors in favour of the betterment of widows.

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